Q: Hello, I'm using your "Theme #5," and I think it simply beautiful. However, I want to know if it is at all possible to add a simply background image to really bring it all together. If not, I can learn to live with what I have :)

Sure, just add the line:

background-image: url(‘yourlinkhere’);

In the body. For more infos check that guide :)

Theme #5 by noemi-ab (livepreview / code)

Q: adfly won't load properly :/

Sometimes it happens if you opened a lot of adfly pages, try to reload and wait fir 5 seconds then click on skip ad

Q: your theme codes arent working cause the adfly page wont work... you should try using pastebin ;)

My codes are on pastebin, you just need to open the page, wait 5 seconds and then click on skip ad on the top right of the page.

Theme #4 by noemi-ab (livepreview / code)

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Theme #3 by noemi-ab (livepreview / code)

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